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Citizen Advisory Committee - Friend of the Court


The Citizens Advisory Committee-Friend of the Court is a legal entity of citizens created in cooperation with the Judicial Court and the Oakland County Board of Commissioners in accordance with the Friend of the Court Act of Public Act 366 of 1996.

The purpose of the Citizen Advisory Committee-Friend of the Court is to:

  • Identify the needs of citizens in the community who seek Friend of the Court services while they are in the process of dissolving the family unit as it exists under the law.
  • Advise the Court and the Board of Commissioners of the operation of the Friend of the Court, in the exercise of the duties and responsibilities under the law.

The Citizen Advisory Committee-Friend of the Court (CAC) is committed to:

  • Assist the Court through its Office of the Friend of the Court in meeting the needs of individuals and families with tolerance and understanding of the diversity of family relationships.
  • Advocate innovative changes on behalf of citizens and meet their needs in a fair and effective manner, giving recognition to the dignity and worth of individuals and families.
  • Serve as a catalyst to achieve higher levels of quality performance through methods of quality care assurance.
  • Establish a creditable forum that provides access and honest review of citizens' concerns and grievances relating to experiences with the services of the Friend of the Court.
  • Partner with the Friend of the Court in efforts to provide services that foster a consumer user-friendly approach.

The statutory composition of the 9-member committee includes 6 members who are appointed by the Board of Commisisoners: a Non-Custodial Parent, a Custodial Parent, a Family Law Practice Attorney, a Mental Health Professional who provides family counseling and two General Public members. The other three members are: the Sheriff or designee, the Prosecuting Attorney or designee and the Director of the Michigan Department of Human Services Agency or designee. Members serve 3- year terms as outlined in M.C.L. 552.504. The Committee meets at least 6 times each year.

Our vision is to foster leadership in achieving excellence in the services rendered through the Oakland County Court-Friend of the Court Office to the citizens of Oakland County.

If the above message indicates that applications are being accepted, click on application form, fill it out completely, then click "SUBMIT" to return the form. Or, download the form, fill it out and either:
Mail it to the Oakland County Board of Commissioners at 1200 North Telegraph Road, Pontiac, Michigan 48341,
Fax it to the Oakland County Board of Commissioners’ Office at 248-858-1572.