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Board of Commissioners Standing Committees

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The general responsibilities of each committee are listed below:

Finance Committee: (view members or current agenda)
  • Plans ways and means of financing County activities.
  • Recommends a 5-year Capital Improvement Program.
  • Prepares and presents recommended biennial County budget.
  • Examines assessments of local taxing units and determines County Equalized Value as required by the General Property Tax Law.
  • Reviews and approves Federal and State grants.
  • Provides oversight for all internal and external audit functions.
General Government Committee: (view members or current agenda)
  • Receives, reviews and recommends all proposed revisions of the Rules of the Board of Commissioners.
  • Reviews all public transportation policies affecting Oakland County residents, including: roads, airports and mass transportation.
  • Makes recommendations to the full Board regarding Committee Chairpersons and all other appointments requiring Board approval to boards, commissions, authorities and committees.
  • Provides liaisons with all federal, state, regional and local agencies and governments.
  • Makes recommendations to the full Board of Commissioners on proposed legislation affecting Oakland County, as well as, County ordinances.
  • Examines and determines sufficiency of all petitions filed with the County Clerk regarding a change in boundaries of home rule villages.
Human Resources Committee: (view members or current agenda)
  • Formulates policies on personnel matters, including positions, wages, fringe benefits, classification changes and reorganizations.
  • Receives and reviews the annual affirmative action program reports.
  • Sets policies related to the Oakland County Merit System.
  • Collaborates with Oakland County Retirement Commission regarding pension matters and retirees’ hospitalization benefits.
Planning and Building Committee: (view members or current agenda)
  • Develops a five-year Capital Improvement Program.
  • Acts as County Coordinating Zoning Committee.
  • Inspects and provides for the maintenance and improvement of County-owned buildings and facilities.
  • Biennially reviews all County-owned properties and recommends retention or disposal.
  • Oversees the purchase, sale or lease of properties and facilities, as well as, building alterations and new construction.
Public Services Committee: (view members or current agenda)
  • Informs the Board of Commissioners on all health matters affecting the public welfare of the County and its citizens.
  • Makes recommendations to the Board of Commissioners on all social service programs and policy changes to meet the needs of Oakland County citizens.
  • Reviews and makes recommendations to the Board of Commissioners on law enforcement matters.
  • Makes recommendations on the Community Mental Health Full Management contract.