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Your Oakland County Commissioners at Work for You 



On September 7, 2014, Oakland County Commissioners joined with Talmer Bank's Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer David Provost; and The Community House to honor area grandparents, in recognition of National Grandparents Day. Pictured left to right: Oakland County Commissioner Shelley Goodman Taub, Commissioner Janet Jackson, Gina Wilson (the grandparent), and  Wilson's daughter Nicole Valentini, holding baby, Myles Valentini.
pictured in front left to right are Ms. Wilson's grandchildren:
Maliyah Hill, Rudy Valentini, Maya Hill and Desmond Staples.   Grandparents were honored at The Community House in Birmingham, Michigan. the honorees included: Harold Bauer; Lola Mabry; Diane Mabry; Anna Dunbar; Judith Pemberton Ballard; Charollet & Kenneth Mixter; Zelma and Gilbert Gottlieb; Mary Whitson Dupkey; Jacques Pierre-Louis; Nancy Trompics; Bruce Butzier; Marilyn and Bob Rauth; Susan Oswald; Mary-Ann Ohannes; Carol Taylor; Charles Young; the Honorable City of Oak Park Mayor,  Marian McClellan, and her husband, Keith McClellan; Dave and Marci Burch, and Gina Wilson.

On September 4, 2014, Oakland County Commissioners honored Rochester Hills Library Director Christine Lind Hage for her exceptional work with the blind and disabled community. Pictured left to right: Oakland County Board Vice Chairperson Jeff Matis,  Rochester Hills Library Board member Ryan Deel, Rochester Hills Library Director Christine Lind Hage, Oakland County Commissioner Shelley Goodman Taub and Commissioner Robert Gosselin. Ms. Hage is the director for the Rochester Hills Blind and Disabled. She also serves as president of the United for Libraries organization.


On August 20, 2014, Oakland County Commissioners presented the Fifth Third Bank Michigan State Fair with a proclamation recognizing the annual fair and Fifth Third Bank which has become the official sponsor. Pictured left to right: Michigan State Fair Agriculture, Livestock, and Home Arts Director L.C, Scramlin; Michigan State Fair Manager/Member Blair Bowman, Detroit Circus Shriner Joe Kish, County Commissioner Kathy S. Crawford, and Detroit Circus Shriner Jim Gotts.



On August 5, 2014, Oakland County Commissioners joined County Executive L. Brooks Patterson at the Civic Theatre in Farmington, to recognize area award-winning Main Street communities. Pictured top left to right: Highland Township Downtown Development Authority  Director Missy Dashevich;  Village of Holly President Ryan Bladzik; Oakland County Commissioner Bob Hoffman; Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson,  Clawson business owner of Leon & Lulu, Mary Liz Curtin;Oak Park Community & Economic Development Manager Cindy Marrone; Oak Park Mayor Marian McClellan; Main Street Franklin's Design committee member, Pat Burke; Oakland County Commissioner Bill Dwyer; Main Street Franklin's volunteer, Eileen Harryvan and Main Street Franklin Director Katherine White.  At the event, a new  Main Street Oakland County program was discussed, along with its positive impact on the 32 distinct downtowns in Oakland County, including those not currently members of Main Street Oakland County. The 10 Oakland County communities which have received national accreditation from the National Main Street Center were announced.




On Thursday, July 31, 2014, Oakland County Commissioners Bill Dwyer, Marcia Gershenson and  Helaine Zack honored Southwestern Oakland Cable Commission Video Division Manager David Tietmeyer for his outstanding work with the Oakland County Board of Commissioners and community. Mr. Tietmeyer directed the public service announcements that were made by the Curbing Gun Violence study group.  The public service announcements can be viewed here:


On Thursday, July 31, 2014, Oakland County Commissioners Christine A. Long and John A. Scott honored Miss Oakland County MacKenzie Strom of Commerce Township, Michigan. Also, Oakland County Board Chairman Michael J. Gingell  and  Commissioner John A. Scott honored Miss Oakland County Outstanding Teen Kristin Penrose of Lake Orion. Both titleholders were recognized for their recent achievements and service efforts.

On Saturday, July 26, 2014, at  the 2014 Great Lakes National BMX  Race Competition Oakland County Commissioner John A. Scott presented a proclamation in honor of the Waterford Oaks BMX Track's 40th Anniversary. Pictured from left to right:  Bob Kingsbury on behalf of his son Todd Kingsbury, Jim Dunleavy (Chief of Parks Operations and Maintenance), Commissioner John A. Scott, Jennifer West (Program Specialist), Lawrie Burnett (retired - former volunteer and track official), Vicki Zuithof (retired - former BMX coordinator), Chris Beer (Parent Association VP),  and Chris Luna (USA BMX National Director). 
 The Waterford Oaks BMX Track's world class reputation has been sustained by the dedicated volunteers, and Oakland County Parks and Recreation, along with the many BMX professionals who have helped to make the track a wonderful recreational destination for all to enjoy.





On Wednesday, July 16, 2014, members of the Oakland County Board of Commissioners’ Public Services Committee’s Curbing Gun Violence Study Group shared the 2014 National Association of Counties Achievement Award (NACo) honoring their “Prevent Gun Violence in Oakland County” program with the full Board. The program won the national achievement award in the category of Civic Education and Public Information and was described as an innovative program by NACo.
Members of the Public Services Committee and its’ Curbing Gun Violence Study Group include Commissioner Bill Dwyer, Public Services Chairperson and is the study group chairperson. Commissioners Michael Spisz, Gary McGillivray, Helaine M. Zack and Mike Bosnic. Commissioner Shelley Goodman Taub serves on the Public Services Committee and Commissioner Marcia Gershenson serves on the Curbing Gun Violence Study Group. Also pictured is Board Chairman Michael Gingell.



On Wednesday, July 16, 2014, the Oakland County Board of Commissioners presented a proclamation in recognition of  the Waterford Oaks BMX Track’s 40th Anniversary. The Waterford Oaks BMX Track is one of the longest running tracks in the nation. Many national BMX events have been hosted on this track including qualifying first round races for the 2008 USA Olympic BMX Team, the 2007 USA Cycling BMX National Championships and the 1983 ESPN BMX Pro Spectacular.
Pictured left to right: Commissioner John Scott, Susan M. Wells, Manager of Oakland County Park and Recreations Operations; Parent Association Member Jennifer West, Commissioner Christine Long, Commmissioner Tom Middleton, Parent Association Member Jason West, and Chris Beer, President of the Waterford Oaks BMX Volunteer Association.




On Sunday, June 29, 2014, Oakland County Commissioners Nancy L. Quarles and Janet Jackson presented Reverend Dr. Carlyle Fielding Stewart, III, with a proclamation honoring his 31 years of Ministerial Service to Hope United Methodist Church and the Southfield community. Celebrating his final day at Hope, with current and past congregants and many special honors from local dignitaries were presented. Reverend Dr. Carlyle Fielding Stewart, III, comes from an extraordinary lineage of Methodist ministers dating back four generations. This legacy began with his great grandfather, the late Reverend Henry Elijah Stewart. Ordained by Bishop Henry McNeil Turner of the African Methodist Episcopal Church 1888, his great grandfather set into motion the illustrious ministerial tradition of the Stewart family, which includes the late Reverend Carlyle Fielding Stewart, Sr., who was the founding pastor of People's Community Church in Detroit, Michigan, where he served in the African Methodist Episcopal Church with distinction for many years. Pictured left to right: Oakland County Commissioners Nancy L. Quarles, Reverend Dr. Carlyle Fielding Stewart, III, and Oakland County Commissioner Janet Jackson.




On Wednesday, June 11, 2014, Oakland County Commissioners Helaine Zack and Kathy S. Crawford presesented a proclamation to the Department of Health & Human Services Director George Miller for his leadership and work on behalf of the county's senior citizens. He was recently selected as the 2014 AAA-1 B Corporate/Business Leadership Award recipient for his outstanding advocacy for senior citizens. Pictured left to right: Commissioner Helaine Zack, George Miller, Tina Abbate Marzolf, Chief Executive Officer of AAA 1-B; and Commissioner Kathy S. Crawford



On Wednesday, June 11, 2014,  Oakland County Commissioner Kathy S. Crawford presented a special proclamation to the Village Oaks Elementary School and staff for donating over 2,000 books for children at Mandy's Place. The 490 students collected the books and learned a valuable lesson in making a difference in the lives of others.
Pictured left to right are Oaks Village Elementary teachers Diana Malczewski, Shannon Myrand and Michelle Hurley who were instrumental in making this project a reality with Oakland County Commissioner Kathy S. Crawford and Oakland County Board Chairman Michael J. Gingell. Mandy's Place is a temporary foster facility for children who have been subject to neglect and abuse in Oakland County and is part of Oakland County's Children's Village. Mandy's Place was named in honor of Mandy Miller; the late daughter of Oakland County's Health and Human Services Director George Miller and was the sister of Michelle Hurley. Mandy passed from cancer in 2007 at the young age of 17.



On Gun Safety Day on June 6, 2014, Oakland County Commissioner Mike Bosnic delivered a box of Gun Safety Locks to Chief Harry Anderson atthe Clawson Police Department.



 On Tuesday, June 3, 2014, members of the Oakland County Board of Commissioners’ Public Services Committee’s Curbing Gun Violence Study Group, the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, the National Project ChildSafe/ NSSF organization and Crime Stoppers, along with more than 35 law enforcement agencies from across Oakland County and the Oakland County Board of Commissioners participated in a news conference promoting the Gun Safety Lock Giveaway program, on June 6th, in recognition of Gun Safety Awareness Day. An update on the ongoing efforts of the Curbing Gun Violence Study Group for Oakland County was also provided.


Pictured from left to right: Commissioner Mattie Hatchett, Commissioner Nancy Quarles, Commissioner Bill Dwyer, Commissioner Gary McGillivray, Commissioner Michael Spisz, West Bloomfield Police Chief Michael Patton, Commissioner Helaine Zack, Oakland County Sheriff Captain Clay Jansson and Vice Chairman Jeff Matis. (Not pictured Commissioner Bob Hoffman and Commissioner John Scott who was also in attendance)  View more information here.


On May 16, 2014, the Women’s Advisory Board held a free Women Veterans Networking and Resource Fair at Oakland Community College’s Auburn Hills Campus. The event featured speakers who shared their personal experiences and their paths to civilian workforce success. “OPERATION: SUCCESS” was created after a series of focus groups by the Women’s Advisory Board identified gaps in services for women veterans. The WAB learned of a need to connect veterans with available resources. A common problem veterans’ face is not being able to connect with agencies or understand how important their military skills are in the civilian marketplace.
Pictured left to right:  Keynote Speaker United States Air Force Veteran Heather Paquette, Oakland County Commissioner Marcia Gershenson who is the Ex-Officio Representative for the Women’s Advisory Board for Oakland County; and United States Army Veteran Kate Logan, who is the Veteran’s Representative for the Women’s Advisory Board for Oakland County.


On May 15, 2014,  Oakland Community College Chancellor Dr. Tim Meyer, presented the State of the College Address to the Oakland County Board of Commissioners. Pictured from left to right: Chairman Michael Gingell, Dr. Tim Meyer, Vice Chairman Jeff Matis.

On May 15, 2014, Bill Brown, aka “Cowboy Bill” received a proclamation from the Oakland County Board of Commissioners honoring him for being an outstanding volunteer at O.A.T.S in Clarkston. Pictured from left to right: Sue Friedl-Lead volunteer, Markell Miles-volunteer, Jacob Adams-volunteer, Anne Edington- volunteer, Amy Schaufer-Program Director O.A.T.S. , Hunter Taylor- volunteer, Steven Taylor-volunteer, Danny Moloney-volunteer and rider, Beth Pellerito- Executive Director of O.A.T.S, Bill Brown aka Cowboy Bill, Commissioner Christine Long, Commissioner Bob Hoffman, Commissioner Thomas Middleton.



On April 30, 2014, the Oakland County Board of Commissioners honored the Oakland Literacy Council for the valuable service it provides to Oakland County residents. Pictured from left to right:  Board Members At Large, Mary Rosenbusch and Ann Manning; Robert Gaylor, Vice-President and Founder; Judy Lindstrom, President, Oakland Literacy Council Board; and Vice Chairman Jeff Matis.

Mike and Kate Titus, owners of Yates Cider Mill received a proclamation on April 30, 2014 from the Oakland County Board of Commissioners, honoring their cider mill for the outstanding service it continues to provide to generations of Oakland County residents. Pictured here with Vice Chairman Jeff Matis.  



On April 22, 2014, Oakland County high school students participated in the annual Youth in Government Day program. The program allowed students an opportunity to gain insight on how county government works. At this year’s event, students had the opportunity to meet elected officials, learn about the political process, the different departments that make up county government and learn about the roles county government plays in their daily lives. Pictured are students who filled the seats in the Board of Commissioners' Auditorium as they watched the Finance Committee meeting and participated in a Q&A session with their commissioners.  In the front row from left-right are students: Michael Mazza, Rochester Adams; Noel Waterman, Pontiac ITA; and Christopher Davis, Pontiac ITA. View more photos of Youth in Government Day.


On April 17, 2014, the Oakland County Board of Commissioners recognized the Oakland County Real Estate Brokers Association’s (OCREBA) annual celebration of REALTIST Week from April 6-12, 2014, in honor of National Fair Housing Month. The Board acknowledged the important role and historical significance of the organization, which was developed in response to the disenfranchisement of African American real estate professionals in the real estate industry who were denied the right to be called "realtors" at one time in history. OCREBA has worked tirelessly to secure the right to equal housing for all people. Pictured left to right: Gerald Dixon, E'toile L. Libbett, Marilyn Mayberry, Chairman of the Board; Anthony R. Cartwright, Chairman; Rebecca J. Daniels, and Commissioner Janet Jackson.

On April 17, 2014, the Oakland County Board of Commissioners honored Marcus Glenn of Southfield, for his tremendous artistic contributions to their community and congratulated him as the Official Artist for the 2014 Grammy Awards. Pictured left to right: Commissioner Nancy Quarles, Yolanda Glenn (wife), Marcus Glenn, and Commissioner Janet Jackson.

On April 17, 2014, the Oakland County Board of Commissioners honored Cristy Cardinal from HAVEN for the important work in recognition of April being Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Pictured from left to right: Commissioner Helaine Zack, Cristy Cardinal, and Board Vice Chairman Jeff Matis.
April 17, 2014, the Board of Commissioners held their annual Victims’ Service Distinction Award which honors individuals and organizations for their extraordinary work on behalf of crime victims. Pictured from left to right: Commissioner Jim Runestad, Prosecuting Attorney Jessica R. Cooper, Joe Grazioli from Parents of Murdered Children, Inc.;  Vivian Steinhilper, Common Ground Victim Advocate; Sheriff Michael J. Bouchard,  Sylvia Banks from Parents of Murdered Children, Inc.; and Oakland County Sheriff Deputy Jason Dalbec.

 On Tuesday, April 1, 2014, in continuation of last year’s special informational hearings on “Curbing Gun Violence”, school officials spoke during the Oakland County Board of Commissioners’ Public Services Committee meeting highlighting the resolution that was presented on March 19th. The state’s improved budget revenues should be used for funding for investment in school safety for Michigan’s children. More security and law enforcement liaison officers were also requested in the resolution of which the officials addressed. Pictured from left to right: Oakland County Sheriff Major Bob Smith, Walled Lake Superintendent Kenneth Gutman,  Madison Heights Schools Superintendent Randy Speck, Lake Orion Schools Superintendent Marion Ginopolis, and West Bloomfield Chief Mike Patton.

Commissioner Mattie Hatchett teamed up with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children by pledging to take 25 minutes to talk to children about safety, as part of their Take 25 program. Commissioner Hatchett is pictured with Russell Petty Senior National Outreach Coordinator at the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

On Wednesday, March 19, 2014, Oakland County Officials Honored Legendary High School Football Coach Albert "Al" Fracassa and State Division 2 Champions, the Brother Rice Warriors. Pictured from left to right: Oakland County Board Chairman Michael J. Gingell,  Brother Rice Team Captains: Christopher Carter (#21),  Sage Baltrusaitis (#53), Head Coach Legendary Albert "Al"
Fracassa, Team Captain Jack Grisan (#35)  and Teammate Navin Abro (#20) with Oakland County Commissioner Shelley Goodman Taub. Members of the Board wished Coach Fracassa a wonderful retirement. Coach is holding his proclamation and Team Captain Jack Grisan is holding the team's proclamation.

On Wednesday, March 19, 2014, Oakland County Commissioners honored Troy High School student Rafael Yashinsky for his
good deed of taking an envelope he had found in the snow that contained a substantial amount of money to the Troy Police Department. Pictured from left to right: Commissioner Robert Gosselin, Lori Yashinsky (mother), Neil Yashinsky (father), Rafael Yashinsky, Commissioner Gary McGillivray and Commissioner Mike Bosnic.
Oakland County Officials gave voice to area youth in the foster care system at the County's first annual KidSpeak Event on February 24, 2014.
Pictured from  left to right: (back) Commissioner Michael Spisz, Oakland County Sheriff Michael J. Bouchard, Commissioner Jim Runestad, County Clerk Lisa Brown, Commissioner Philip Weipert, State Senator David Robertson, Robert Thomas, President of Foster Care Alumni of America.
(front) State Senator Michael Kowall, Saba Gebrai, Director of Blue Babies Park West Foundation; State Representative Eileen Kowall, Commissioner Mattie McKinney Hatchett, Commissioner Marcia Gershenson, Kathleen Straus, Member and Past President of the State Board of Education; and State Representative Klint Kesto.
On February 8, 2014, Commissioners Janet Jackson and Gary McGillivray participated in the Oakland Livingston Human Service Agency’s 24th annual Walk for Warmth at Great Lakes Crossing. Funds raised were used by the Community Action Agency for emergency utility assistance for families who would otherwise have their heat turned off. Commissioner McGillivray also serves on the OHLSA Board.

On February 6, 2014, the Oakland County Board of Commissioners welcomed Attorney General Bill Schuette to speak on the issue of Human Trafficking. Attorney General Bill Schuette collaborated with the state legislature to create the Michigan Commission on Human Trafficking with the goals of assessing the threat human trafficking poses to Michigan residents and developing policy recommendations to promote its exposure and  prevention.

Oakland County Commissioners Robert Hoffman and Philip Weipert honored Coach Cindy Tesolin of the Milford Equestrian Team on Thursday, February 6, 2014, with a Proclamation.  Tesolin has dedicated her life and talent to empowering young people through competitive sports.  She participated on the first high school equestrian team in the country at Milford High School, which was established in 1972. 

On Wednesday February 6, 2014, Oakland County Commissioner Michael Gingell joined with members of the newly formed bi-partisan study group requesting transparency of the Detroit Water & Sewer Department to hold a press conference. The study group is led by Commissioner Robert Gosselin and its members consist of Commissioners Gary R. McGillivray, Dave Woodward, Mattie McKinney Hatchett, Shelley G. Taub, and Mike Bosnic and John Scott (not pictured).  


On Wednesday, January 22, 2014, members of the Oakland County Board of Commissioners honored the late Judge Michael Martone for his years of outstanding service on the bench in the 52-4 District Court. He served the Clawson and Troy communities with great distinction and was a champion for young people.
Pictured are the Martone Family with Oakland County Commissioners Mike Bosnic and Robert Gosselin. The late Judge Michael Martone’s wife, Martha Rose Martone, is holding the proclamation that was presented, she was accompanied by her two sons. Pictured from left to right: (back) Jamie  Martone, Commissioner Mike Bosnic, Jon Martone and Commissioner Robert Gosselin, along with friends. Not pictured, Judge Martone’s sister, who was in attendance.

On Wednesday, January 22, 2014, members of the Oakland County Board of Commissioners honored Citizens for a Fair Ferndale for their years of commitment to building a beloved community through civic and social engagement, with the formation of the Good Neighbors Project. Pictured from left to right: City Council Person Greg Pawlica, Helen Weber, Mary Schusterbauer, Citizen for a Fair Ferndale Chair Kathryn Bruner James, Commissioner Helaine Zack, JoAnne Hite, and Frank O'Donnell.

Oakland County Commissioners recognize the Teacher of the Year at the Waterford Foundation for Public Education event, held on Tuesday, January 14, 2014, at Overtime in Waterford, Michigan.
Pictured from left to right: Waterford Kettering High School Teacher Brian Wilson, Oakland County Commissioner Thomas F. Middleton reading the proclamation, with Oakland County Commissioner Jim Runestad. Wilson was selected as "Teacher of the Year" by the Waterford Foundation for Public Education for his exceptional teaching ability and dedication in the classroom. His excellence in teaching has garnered him much praise from peers and students alike at Kettering High School, where he teaches.