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Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) and Information regarding OCIA (updated 5/20/13)

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The following information is available regarding Oakland County International Airport. 

Posted 8/6/13:  The 2013 T-hangar construction project that involved installing new aprons in four hangar rows (Q, R, S & T) and replacing the east/west taxistreets has been postponed.  

Posted 5/20/13:  2013 T-hangar Construction Information

Posted 2/7/13:  Letter to Airmen 13-1:  Areas of Non-Visibility by ATCT

Posted 2/7/13:  Letter to Airmen 13-2:  RWY 9L/27R Protected Departure and Approach Area

NOTAMs and Information regarding Oakland/Troy Airport (VLL) 

NOTAMs and Information regarding Oakland/Southwest Airport (Y47)