Welcome to the Oakland County Register of Deeds Property Fraud Alert Service.  This tool is designed to alert you of any recordings in our office regarding your name or business name.  See the below instructions on how to get started.

Our office has been leading a statewide fight against mortgage fraud and for truth in recording.  If you are reporting a questionable transaction to the Tract Index, please forward your email notification along with a brief explanation of the possible problem to clerk@oakgov.com.  

 Using the Service 

  • Register at the Property Fraud Alert website and follow the instructions.
  • Once registered, if the Oakland County Register of Deeds Office records a transaction regarding your name or business name, you will be notified by email or phone with a brief description of that recording.
  • If you feel that the information you've been sent is either mistaken or the result of fraudulent action by one or more of the parties, please report it immediately to the Oakland County Tract Index at 248-858-0596.